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We’re a small house with a big heart
and an extended family feel


Nine individuals who no longer wish to live alone nor have need for full time care.


Each resident nominates a local relative or loyal friend to act as first port of call and to support them in their independent living.


With nine residents come nine families, some spanning four generations!


The following are a regular part of the fabric of Cunningham House:

  • A resident House Manager and non-resident Deputy House Manager who provide continuity of support and are responsible for the day to day running of the House;
  • An Office Manager who crosses all the "t"s and dots all the "i"s
  • A bank of catering staff, most of whom are professionally trained or run their own catering businesses;
  • A cleaner, as hygiene, health and safety are of paramount importance;
  • Professionals including a hairdresser, chiropodist, physiotherapist, and hearing clinic visit the house at regular intervals; and carers, who can be arranged privately to assist with activities such as bathing, laundry and cleaning if a little extra support is needed.


We have a large body of volunteers without whom the House could not operate or the fees remain so low.

  • Trustees – the governing body to oversee finance, policy and procedure
  • House Committee – those responsible for daily operational matters
  • The Friends of Cunningham House – our cheery band of helpers
  • Young volunteers - aged 14 and above, some working towards Duke of Edinburgh awards or training to become medics/physiotherapists, etc


Each resident is provided with a pendant so in the event of an emergency there’s help at the click of a button.


While governed independently, we operate as part of the Abbeyfield Society and benefit from shared information, best practice and Abbeyfield Quality Standard auditing.