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“Home from home”

We appreciate it’s a big thing to up sticks and leave one’s family home, to downsize and live with others.  It can be daunting for both the individual and family members. It’s also the start of a new beginning from which many residents don’t look back . . .

“I came to Cunningham House for a temporary stay only never to return home!  I so enjoyed the camaraderie, homed cooked food and warm welcome from the Pirbright community that I chose to stay.  Now I wish I had moved here sooner.”  Katie

“The staff and food are outstanding. The other residents are friendly and interesting. Life here is made most carefree. The accommodation is very comfortable. My family and friends are all made most welcome. I am a resident of just a few months, but could not be any happier.”  Ken aged 97

“Let’s be honest, communal living isn’t always easy but the benefits of living here far outweigh the challenges of living home alone.”  Helen

“It’s not true what they say about older people being feeble or grumpy.  Not here at Cunningham House they’re not – they are fun and feisty and great company.”  Maya, Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteer

“Cunningham House is very much in the heart of Pirbright – a fantastic asset that is hard to quantify.  For 30 years we have been able to recruit an inspiring mix of paid staff and skilled volunteers who devote themselves to ensuring the residents are happy and fulfilled, feel safe and are truly valued as part of our village.”  Fiona Jolley – our longest serving volunteer who has been involved since before the first brick was laid and the house was built . . .